Barclay Butera



  1. Barclay Butera
  1. gold leaf
  2. mirror
  3. silver leaf
  4. wood tone
  1. 31" - 40"
  2. 41" - 50"
  1. 16" - 24"
  2. 25" - 30"
  3. 31" - 40"
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Barclay Butera
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Barclay Butera has based his career on a passion for beautiful yet livable design. Butera's mantra of redefining luxury has not changed his firm belief in helping his clients achieve the ‘better best’ concept of living. The end result has been a consistent redefinition of home décor lexury and interiors. His interior and exterior environments are based upon the philosophy of layering diverse styles of furniture, textiles and textures. ‘Mirror Image Home has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities which allows me to create a myriad of styles that go seamlessly with my diverse lifestyle designs.’